From the Dilley PTO Bylaws:
Officer Elections:
1.           The membership will approve an elections committee at a March membership meeting and advertising for office elections shall commence.
2.            Nominees received by the April membership meeting will be given an opportunity to speak to the membership during the meeting. 
3.            Ballots shall be distributed to membership households no later than one week following the April meeting.  Elections will be held by a written ballot which may be presented in either electronic or paper format.   Ballots will be designed to be anonymous and one vote per household.  Ballots will include a write-in option.
4.            A two-week election period shall be established ending two school days prior to the May membership meeting, during which time ballots may be submitted.  Ballots will not be accepted after the election period closes.  There will be no in-person voting at the membership meeting.
5.            The elections committee shall announce the winners of the election at the May membership meeting.